Unemployment to Self-employment

Hafiz Burhan
5 min readDec 25, 2020

Either i will find a way or i will make one

Pakistan is a developing country with a population of 220,892,340 people (Economic Survey of Pakistan, 2020). It is facing numerous problems like unemployment, illiteracy, inflation, law and order situation, and internal & external debt. Non-availability of job opportunity and unwillingness to work at the prevailing wage rate is the major reason for huge unemployment in the country. It has a crucial effect on the socio-economic status of a nation and resulted in socio presences like poverty, corruption, criminality, and depressing rates. It has negatively affected the physical welfare of the people

Unemployed Mind

Problem Statement: If this continues, the day is not far when our society will be on the brink of ruin. In view of all this, I feel that we should promote self-employment

Why self-employment is very important.

Why it’s important to promote self-employment for the economic prosperity of a nation because if a person is self-employed, he will be internally satisfied and able to help out others by providing employment to others.

I want to encourage them. I want to awaken their conscience. I want them to develop the habit of working hard. I want them to understand the concept of self (Khudi) and action (Amal)

Target Audiance

My Target audiance is orphans and those people who have a dgree but they have no job due to less experiance or skills.

Providing Employable Skills to Youth in Punjab Province

The project aims to address high youth unemployment in the province, which stems from their limited skills and insufficient industry and market experience in key economic sectors.

The program supports a two-fold approach to improving the employability of Punjab’s youth, focused both on policy reform and strengthening the delivery of demand driven skills including Free lancing, Graphic Designing,Digital Marketing , Web Development and beauty parlor, hand embroidery

Teaching about self earning or freelancing at ophanage home (Darul Shaqfqat Lahore)

Basicaly My iniative is that no buddy can request to other for money or job.I want to stop beggarisam or refrencing type things.i bleave that if you have your own skills then you dont need refrence or help becuse if you earn by yourown then you realize your strenth and also make your goals. Self earning playing very important rule in over life. when you trying to earn as a freelancer and you get at least 1$ so you can motivate 100 times grater then befor , you knows that 1$ not full fill your needs but it increes your confidance ,your first earning increase your strenth,your first earning show many other path to earn by yourself .Your 1$ boost you to develop or learn your skills ,its change your mindset,its change your thaughs your feelings your goals.

One the other hand if you can go outsite like shoping mall or trafic signal and ask to some other one that for god sake please give me some mony to full fill my needs and that person give you 1$ so you adopt this acupation .After some years he realized that his acupation is not good but unfortunatly he will not willing to leav it becaus he thinks that beggarism is very easiast wy to earn more money instead of self earning by doing some hard work in a proper time under supervission.His mentality not allowing to do hard work or self earning.

Showing Right Path of Earning:

It is very important to understand which path is suitable for you or me.Your Skills and your self learning experiance help you to decide the right path.Once you chose your right path then you can able to set your goals.

Life Goals

Self-employment or Self earning helps you to set your life goals.It creat intrest in your feild.its motivate you to contain more achivments.Its increas your strenth.it gives you the reason to think about your future and its impose you to think about your life.

My work

With this initiaive i was visit with two diffrent orphanage homes one is Darul Shafqat (chownk yateem khana Lahore) and the other one is SOS Village Ferozpur Road Lahore.
I was meet with suprident Mr.Manzoor Siyal and share my idea regarding self earning .He appreciat me and also provide some space in darul shafqat wor practical work.

In Darul-shafqat lives total 150 orphans in which 50 students compeleted his matriculation.So i make a toot mape and start my work .
My first target is changing her mindset becuse they thinks that this istitute full fill our basic needs so thats its enough for us .When i ask what you want to becom in future so he says i want a job like electracian ,guard or somthing like this and they dont know how they get a job.
I will put y effort and starts some activites as shown bellow:

I was use the bellow mantione qout for to motivate my self
Either i will find a way or i will make one