Taking Flight!

Hafiz Burhan
1 min readMar 3, 2021


“Celebrate ending — for they precede new beginnings”

(Jonathan Lockwood Huie)

Taking flight: My journey at amal academy is not less than taking flight. As for taking flight we have to go through a checking process, same the case was at amal academy, we had to go through a selection process. Every passenger had a fear of losing the flight. The same was here, there was fear of rejection by the amal team. Every session was amazing, in every session we learned new things.

Finally, our 3-month journey to Amal Academy came to an end. Filled with anxiety, not knowing what Amal has for us in the next moment, thus keeping us on our toes.

Personal Reflection

At the start of the session, All fellows edit their names and write connecting. Basically, we make pranks for Our Program Manager and associate manager.
Our program going to work but later she knows that it is a prank and she calls ok guys pleas turn on your camera and when they on their cameras everybody hold hand made thank you card for her.