Hafiz Burhan
3 min readDec 19, 2020

Well my just start project is improving my verbal English and Public communication 😊

English is an international language and I believe that it is important for socializing as well as for our work. I want to improve my English communication skills through these three tasks that help me to improve my communication.

1: By reading with full concentration

2: By listening and understanding the words

3: By practicing

my just start project ❤

I have to work on my English communication because we all know that good English communication increases our chances of getting a job and I also start a job soon so, this is my basic need to improve my English communication.

needed to get a handsome job 😢

In the past, I didn’t put my best time to improve my communication. I didn’t practice speaking English with anybody because of my fear. I had no idea where to start. There was no proper plan or strategy and I was confused but now thanks to AMAL I start speaking & learning it. I think its due to the environment I get in AMAL the positive environment. No one humiliating me or taunting me on my English that’s the reason I get rid of my fear.

In my effort I am very thankful to my learning group members who are helping me in improving my English and special thanks to #Hajra #Fawaz 💕.They play a key role in improving my English they translate my totti photi English 😂

thank you guys ❤

There were many challenges and the biggest one was my inner fear thank GOD I overcome it as I believe this is my last chance to improve my self before entering into professional carrier.

It demands a lot of hard work and practice and I am just doing it in front of mirror and I will find a good communicator partner that helps me to improve my communication. I will speak on a topic for 20 minutes in English in my daily routine and I will record my voice to improve my mistakes. I will listen and understand the news in English. All these activities surely help me to in improvement and inshALLAH I will do it.😊

Future Plans ❤